Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Calorie reality

I'm quite enthralled with  Already have the system down and it's an amazing program that helps you chart and track food, exercise and related calories.

For instance, I was on my usual drive down to Hickory, NC to teach yesterday and decided to "treat" myself at Hardee's.  Two egg biscuits later, I was satiated, fat and happy...until I inputted that info into My Plate.  Those two little gems racked up a huge 900 calories.  Based on the 2000 calorie food intake I had benchmarked at, my day was pretty much wiped out.

It's quite a revelation to see and understand what one is putting into the old furnace. Though the task to input the foods into MyPlate can seem tedious, it's valuable to understand the content, calories and quality of the foodstuffs we ingest. I ended yesterday with about a 457 calorie overage, due in part to the fact I don't exercise on Tuesdays.

So it's a new day, I hit the gym, and will steer well clear of Hardee's and other biscuit establishments.

Here's a shout out for a product I'm using in my morning smoothies.  It's Naturade Total Soy meal replacement.  I buy mine at Sam's get the new mega pouch for around $15 and it's a bargain.  This stuff has about the same nutrients and vitamin additives, but packs less of a protein punch than the Trader Joe's soy protein I was using.  However, Total Soy just plain tastes better.  Mix two scoops of this with Crystal Light and some frozen fruit and you get a wonderful, thick, shake like drink.

As the cool fall weather transitions to winter, let's get focused and intent on maintaining those slick, impressive bodies we built over the summer.  Difficult, not impossible, so we'll get 'er done!

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