Thursday, September 09, 2010

Whey world

Stopped in to Vitamin World at the outlet mall last week.  Ever been to a chain store and have non-fit store employees try to tell you how to use product?  These were nice guys and I was respectful, but I don't buy it.  I don't understand them, they don't understand me.  I have been a vegetarian for about 10 years and am now close to vegan, so I was looking for a good deal on soy protein. One wall was covered in whey product, but when I asked about plant options, the guy walks me over to one dusty shelf at floor level, with a few lame and high priced selections.  My research side tells me that org might want to see what proportion of customers would choose a non-dairy protein source; it might be greater than the 1% of store space they allocate for that option.

All that said I bought a bottle of Ultra Sport vitamins.  Ninety in a bottle, premium price at about $18.  Once home, I learned they over-packaged the product to make it look larger; the bottle was less that 1/4 full!  I called the Vitamin World 800# and made a complaint.  Last time for that purchase.

Lots of chatter in the podcast world regarding the recent running of the Leadville 100 in Colorado.  It was reported that Chris McDougall, author of the wildly popular book "Born to Run" was on the race course with actor Jake Gyllenhaal.  Some rumors exist that the two are planning on a movie version of the book, which brought ultrarunning and barefoot running to the masses.  If this goes down, it should be interesting...and let's hope they don't muck up the authenticity, as has been the case in some other sport movies.

Had my fingers hovering over the keyboard yesterday at 11:55 am. The site for entries into the Umstead 100 mile went hot at noon and the event usually fills in 15 minutes.  I thought long and hard but opted out for 2011.  It's a great race with great promoters and volunteers, but I get negative vibes from contemplating another 8 loops on that 12.5 mile course.  I'm toying with the idea of taking a shot at the Grindstone 100 next October.  It's held in Virginia and is said to be the hardest 100 miler in the east. An interesting twist is that the event starts at 6 pm, so you run into the night early in the event.

Put some new high performance brake pads on my road bike - we're having the Valle Crucis ride and group picnic tonight.  Also procured replacement pads for my Avid BB5 brakes on the 29er, so I'll slide those into place soon.

Well, that's all I know for now.  Post some comments and we'll discuss.

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