Monday, September 20, 2010

Team Flomax

Here's a quick addendum to my Saturday morning ride story...Chuck christened us "Team Flomax" based on the fact old guys have to make a lot of pee stops! If you haven't seen it, here's a link to the Flomax commercial with a bunch of oldie athletes riding bikes:
Had a great ride on the 29er yesterday.  About 15 minutes faster than my usual pace over 18 miles.  The "flow" was with me; I was standing tall and riding well.  Was thinking about one of those pogo-stick seat posts, which is supposed to offset the harshness of a hardtail bike. The Thudbuster (at right) is top of the line at about $150.  But to make it work, one has to be in the saddle and that's not how old master competitor rolls.  I am conditioned to know that rough terrain will send lightning shots up my back, so I'm almost always standing.  That's a better workout anyway, so no thud busting for me on this occasion.

There were quite a few riders on the trail yesterday.  It's an unspoken rule that in most cases, the slower rider relinquishes the trail to the faster rider.  I must have looked like the comin' at ya express, as most riders jumped off the trail as I approached.  One one occasion a very fast, slim competitive rider was coming at me; we both weighted to the inside pedal, transferred to the outside, and kept stoking the fire.  Our shoulders brushed but neither gave up ground or pace.

How cool is that!  There's something about two riders who trust the ability of the other.  That was a special moment for this old man.

My new brake pads were seating in well and I felt empowered by the machine.  Up and down and all around.  Not trying to ride faster - that never works - but instead letting my ever growing confidence set the pace.  This is all good, it was only a year ago that I was totally intimated by this trail.  Now it's something I yearn for every Sunday after church.

Took one fall near the end of the ride.  Gave up the trail to an oncoming rider, which put me at odds with a bit root.  I couldn't get unclipped and took a big hit to the right side.  All OK, I'll live to ride another day.

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  1. Smoother is faster! Sounds like a great ride.