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Salem Lake 30K

I'm a bit delinquent in posting my latest race report, but life got in the way.

Here's the start of the Salem Lake 30K comin' at ya.  The field was packed, 414 runners strong, and it was a fun day of dirt trails around the lake combined with paved greenway for an 18.6 mile out and back course.

Swag was good.  The promoters had nice beefy Hanes long sleeve T's and there were also some new energy bars called "Forze GPS...Athlete's Nutrition Tool." Sounds sort of techy but tastes like a gooey granola bar to me...I made away with a few of them so good value from the Twin City Track Club.

I'm still dealing with my pulled side muscle - think it's the top of the IT band - so I went off the back for the first couple of miles.  Wanted to see how the body would respond since I hadn't run in two weeks.  The side seemed to settle into a dull pain, so I picked it up a bit from the 10:20 miles I was producing.

The 30K distance was popular, but most runners were stepping up from the half marathon distance, not stepping down from ultras like old master man.  So bottom line, these folks don't know how to race. They shoot off the gate like it's a 100 yard dash and then fizz.  So to that end, I started carving through the field, jogging at 9 minute miles.  I was looking for three (3) hours on the day, but made it to the turnaround at 1:26, so there was margin.  And since my side was holding up, why not turn up the wick?  I only had nine measly miles to bring this thing home.

I set the Zune on shuffle and pounded along.  Saw two barefoot dudes on the course; one had the bottom of his feet covered with black electrical tape and was wearing some sort of adventure racing pack.  Another poor devil was limping badly along a dirt section, carrying his Vibram 5-finger shoes in his hand.  Ouch - and I could have told you so. At one point I caught my right foot on a root and it slammed me forward. I didn't fall but the lurch was so intense I pulled my left shoulder and dislodged a toenail. Barefoot running?  Ya right, some other time.

Saw one really bad scene.  Course workers were carrying a girl off the trail.  She was out like a light and I noted she had a yellow number on, which was designated for the 10K runners who started 30 minutes after the 30K race.  From where I was on the return, she could only have been four miles into the race.  How could someone get detuned in that short distance?  Maybe she fell and hit her head.  I hope she's AOK.

Also saw a woman with Angelina Jolie-like tats on her back and arm.  I carved around her with about two miles to go, but she blew past me in the finishers chute. Her triathlete looking boyfriend was on the sidelines, watching the clock and waiting for her to cross the line.

Grabbed a couple of bananas, water and Gatorade at the finish.  Good day and 2:47 is better than I expected.  When the results were posted online I noted the top three in the 50-54 category were 30-40 minutes faster.  That's a ton.  God bless 'em.

Here's one more quickie on the day:  My brother Richard seems to be onto the cutting edge stuff, so when I told him about my recent aches and pains he turned me onto this magical potion: Arth Arrest was on the market, then taken off the market, and now it's back - only at your local Walgreen's.  This stuff is actual horse lineament and they ain't kidding.  I smelled like a horse's hind quarters after applying my first dose.  It made my skin red and blotchy, but the instructions say that's normal.  I guess anything that melts my skin is good for me, so I'm going for it.  The stench is so bad it woke me up several times last night...but I'm in it for the healing, right? I plan to put a dose on before bed and another before I run in the mornings, then try to scrub off the goo in the shower afterwards.

Well that's all I have for now.  Drop me some posts, let's get interactive.

Over and out.


  1. Not sure what's worse, pain or smelling like a skinned horse. Good to hear you were able to complete the race with minimal problems.


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