Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Rocket fuel for oldies

Hey, not all master competitors like to be identified as "oldies"...but it's an affectionate name, right?

Well, this oldie did some running with his new triathlon buddy Alfredo, who is from Miami and was visiting Boone for a month-long vacation getaway.

Alfredo is fit and fast and also well inside the master competitor here are some tips from this master man (full disclaimer here, you're at your own risk, we're not doctors, do not try without a physician's approval, etc., etc., etc.):

Here are the two sources of natural food supplements I mentioned:  Complete food supplements based on greens or on berries. A whole meal or a smoothie complement. Brown rice protein powder of the highest quality. Use together with the above supplements.

My own recovery formula:
Spirulina, Chlorella, Chia seeds, Bee Pollen and L-Glutamine. I mix them all using the indicated dosis for each in batches to last a couple of weeks. I use a couple of heaping tablespoons in a fruit smoothie with almond milk or hemp milk. (Warning: chlorella dosis needs to be adjusted to individual tolerance otherwise one ends up in the "throne" too often!)

Good stuff to consider. I'd like to switch to hemp or brown rice protein, but be ready to get your wallet out - often - because this stuff isn't cheap.

It's great to get input from others, so we can build and modify our own programs.  If anyone tries this magic elixir, let us know if you're running for the bathroom or down the trail!

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  1. It irritates me how expensive it can be to eat healthy vs. unhealthy. I guess we can only try to do our best.