Friday, September 10, 2010

McDougall was here!

Wanted to let the master competitor readers know that as of yesterday, you're in a select group within the bling bling world of endurance sport.

After I posted my comments on a potential movie based on the best selling book "Born to Run" I received an email from Chris McDougall, the author!

Chris stated he is scouring the web, working to monitor sites that mention the potential for a movie.  He also told me that he was in Winston-Salem for the weekend and invited me down to run with a group at Salem Lake (I'll be doing a 30K there in two weeks).

Told Chris I appreciate the offer, but am pre-registered for the 4 Mile Challenge at Alliance Fellowship Church this Saturday.  I won my age group last year - so it's a world championship race for me - and they also spiff each runner with a great pair of tech socks.  So how could I pass that up?

Ran the Boone Fork Trail out of Price Park this morning. Didn't know what to expect as the trail is marked as difficult.  But I found the 4.9 mile loop to be about 80% runnable, with excellent footing, rocks, and impressive markings.  I was back at the car in 1:13, so added a tad to make my usual 90 minutes.

I can't stop being thankful for what I have in and around Boone, NC.  It's a trail runner's paradise.  It's easy to let life numb us, to the point we accept what we have as the norm.  I'm not going there, not this time.  My life and career as a professor in the NC mountains is too good to be true and I want to acknowledge that.

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