Friday, September 03, 2010

Maps, fluids and fuel: Don't leave home without it!

I'm a master competitor who strives for excellence.

Today was not a good example of that expectation.

Went for my 90 minute morning run; blasted through a section I had not used in a while, a quick out and back with a steep ascent on the way out.  Local mountain bikers had been clearing trail and I wanted to learn if new sections were runnable. Not on this day so I headed back to the main loop.  Also found a fork that took me around a broken down bridge that made me uneasy every time I crossed it, so all good there too.

Grabbed a quick soy protein smoothie and headed out to Moses Cone Memorial Park, for what was to be a leisure walk.  Tom Terrific is a dimwit on this day, as I opted to:

1) Leave my map in the car
2) Decide against carrying my water bottle pack
3) Figuring my banana and Larabar were better left behind

What the ($$*####???  So you know where this story is going.  Follow the map above if you can.  I left the Moses Cone Manor, went southeast to Bass Lake and did the one mile loop around.  This is where Tommy dumbwad thought he was headed up the far side of the lake, northwest to the Manor.  Instead, I stumbled onto the "Maze," which added about 2.3 miles.  When I got to the Apple Barn, I veered right to the north onto Wilkins Road, which added another 3.5 miles (could have turned left around the Apple Barn to the south and back to the main road to the Mansion).

So there you have it.  Master Competitor trudging along, dehydrated and under-fueled, knowing better but making the bad calls nonetheless.  Can't make those mistakes now, surely can't make 'em in a 100 mile attempt.

Back home now, fueling and drinking.  Stopped for a seedless watermelon.  Guess that's as good as it gets on a day when there's no one to blame but yourself.

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