Monday, August 30, 2010

World class mind in an average man's body

The headline above tells the struggle of master competitor in all walks of life.  Whether it's trail running, riding my Felt, banging off rocks on my Gary Fisher 29er, or attempting to write music that moves the masses, I'm an average dude with big time brain waves.

It feels good to be fit. But there's always more, a bigger workout, another mountain to climb.  Of course all of those aspirations have to be filtered through pulled muscles in my back, an arthritic hand and tinging in my knee I can't quite figure out.

My mind says graceful elk bounding in the woods.  Reality instead sites a lumbering ox trudging over the horizon.

But let's remember that we're outliers who need to strive for the next rung on the ladder.  Endurance sport isn't for the timid and many will opt to head for the golf course.  That's OK, it's another perspective on life.  But in our case, we want to push the envelope just a bit further, feel the pain just a bit longer, get a little bit stronger...hey, I think there's lyrics here for a new tune!

UPDATE:  Received an email from Susan Donnelly, who is currently in France with Rob Apple.  This dynamic duo made the trip to compete in the Tour du Mont Blanc (®.html).  Bad news is that only three hours into the event, the race was canceled due to drizzle!  No more details to date, but stay tuned; there were 2300 competitors on the course and the decision to cancel must have been ugly.  Unless you're taking direct lightning strikes to the top of your head, there's no real reason to stop an ultra competition.  Susan authors a very complete blog so we'll give you all the info as it becomes available!

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