Thursday, August 26, 2010

PowerBar = "Power to Push"

That's the new tag line for the ever expanding line of PowerBar products. I remember when the original bar (now modified, shown at left) was the staple product in the triathlon scene; athletes would take chunks of the stuff, treat it like Silly Putty, and goob it onto their top tubes and handlebars for the bike split.

Hard to believe we all lived through it...that was in a world without hand sanitizer.

Anyhow, I ripped into my latest issue of Bicycling and PowerBar had opted for a slick insert section.  FYI, there's a $1 coupon built into the last page, so make sure you tear it out for a great deal on a bar.

The brochure stated some intake parameters for hammer head athletes like all master competitors most assuredly are:


2.3 - 3.2 grams/per pound of weight for low intensity
3.2 - 4.5 grams/per pound of weight for moderate intensity
4.5 - 5.5 grams/per pound of weight for extreme heavy intensity (get 'er done crowd)


.6 - .8 grams/per pound of body weight (covered this in an earlier post)

Have to admit I'm much more conscious of protein intake than I am of carb intake. Should be measuring my carbs more, but I mostly eat within the new parameters I have set and go from there.

Don't know what PowerBar would say, but I'm cinching up belt  notches I haven't seen in years.

Maybe I should make a master competitor training guide.  Good news is that it wouldn't take much paper to produce:

Eat less.

Train more.

Journey on.

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