Saturday, August 28, 2010

Music for master competitors

Here's master competitor in his first jam session since high school...I was encouraged to pull out the old Taylor 310 cutaway for a mountain music day with Steve and Ruth Smith and fellow Appalachian State cohort Carl Tyrie.

I was intimidated at first, but the improv assemble created a great playing environment.  Steve and Ruth rolled out a couple of tunes from their upcoming CD, including "Along This Old Crooked Road" which has become one of my new favorites.

This crowd can bring music to life and it motivated me to put more time into playing and writing songs.  I'll call my new band "run Tommy run" and the lyrics will be based on the life and experiences of endurance sport athletes.  Steve and Ruth have a recording studio at home, so when the goods are ready I'll ask if they might be able to lay down the tracks and burn the discs.  Who knows, I may have a few songs available via podcast.

Funny, but my athletics and guitar playing fall side by side.  I always scrap for the best I can be in running and cycling and wanted to riff and tap on the frets like Edward Van Halen.  That never happened, so for the most part I set my guitar aside.

That's a mistake and today taught me a big lesson.  We did some basic chord progressions and simple fingerstyle picking and it all sounded completely satisfying. Good music isn't only being technically proficient, it's telling a story through the notes.  I'm finding better and deeper way to explore life here in the NC mountains.  In this case, good music came off the back porch of a small mountain home on the Tennessee border.

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  1. I've actually listened to the CD, "Along This Old Crooked Road." It was well done with very catchy beats. The picture of you guys playing together looks like something right out of a family get-away movie.