Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm in the news!

Master competitor is making headlines on some of the top endurance sport podcasts.  My question is featured on the latest Ben Greenfield (photo at left) podcast, which asks about fruit and vegetable supplements and the difference between whey and soy protein.

Ben offers a protracted response, so instead of highlighting his complete answer, check it out; based on Ben's advice I'm ready to make a big shift in my foundational diet planning:

I'll be checking out new hiking areas off the Blue Ridge Parkway this weekend.  Stay tuned for reports and photos.

Journey on...and build the temple along the path you travel.

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  1. Tom~I have Ben's fuel book and it has some great insights. I wonder what your thoughts are on his high intensity interval training vs. long duration training. I'm sure both are needed, but given my ridiculous work weeks, new baby, etc., I'd love to cut my training time down considerably if I could get the same cardio response.