Sunday, August 08, 2010

The good life

Had a mix of really fine master competitor activities yesterday.

Met the Watagua Leisure Cycling group for what turned out to be a not so leisure ride.  Gwen was the ride leader, hosted a 10 mile out and back on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We left from the Moses Cone Memorial Mansion and rode over the viaduct before making the return leg.

The parkway is beautiful, but incorporates major climbs and descents.  Think the entire crew was ready to finish when we did, as traffic was getting congested and that's not good for cyclists.  Met several new friends, including Alfredo, who lives in Miami but takes three months out of the year to vacation.  He spent a month in Montana and now a month in the NC mountains.  Rents a house and lives the master competitor lifestyle.  How good can it get?

After the ride, a major festival was underway at the Moses Cone Mansion.  Steve Smith, a professor in my department, was one of the performers.  He plays wonderful music on the banjo and guitar, while his wife Ruth accompanies him on the hammer dulcimer.  Check out this site and clink on a few of the sample tunes:

I live in a rather magical place, where terrain and culture and relationships blend into a quite unique environment.  Yesterday, I was living in the afterglow of a solid ride on the parkway, while the sun was on my skin and I was relaxed in my lawn chair listening to the melodies of the mountains.

Life does offer strange twists and turns.

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