Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fuel the machine

Spent a bit of time reading an article on the UltraRunning Magazine site re: diet basics for endurance athletics:


As the title of this article suggests, it's a refresher course on food intake for ultrarunners.  Good basic info, which heightens my interest in food modification for best performance.

I haven't pulled any punches on this site, no sugar coating the facts.  And at this point the fact is, I'm deep tired and wondering if I'm getting enough fuel into the engine.  My runs are lethargic and my legs are stumps.  So it's time to alter some intake.

As all master competitor readers know, it's never about the training.  What ever we're accomplishing, it's not enough and there's always room for more.  So please don't suggest a reduction in aerobics. They rest of the civilized world is giving me that sales pitch.  Instead, there has to be a mix of foods that makes for high test in the tank.

I'm thinking about going for the supplement fruit and vegetable pills...check this out:

I might jump on this product from Sam's Club.  A super dose of everything I can't jam down my throat during regular eating sessions...how can that go bad?  It will be a matter of more is better.  Articles have indicated that under heavy training output, 3-4 hours a day, we must get more non processed foods in that we can actually eat.

Just stepped up my soy protein intake so we'll test one change a time and look for positive results.

My life has taken a major positive turn since shifting from mouth eating to demand eating.  I'm hungry many times a day and I satisfy that hunger.  It's a whole new level of being in touch with my body, and it's good.

Good stuff all the time.  I continue to thank God for a good season of life.  As we well know, not all seasons of life are wonderful. So when times are good, appreciate it.

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