Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wet and wild

I'm 3-for-3 when it comes to wet weather training.

Storms come onto and off the mountains in rapid succession.  We got nailed descending off the parkway on the Bistro Roca ride on Monday, then got hammered again with the Eastside Ramblers last night.  I have no idea how to reconstruct that ride, so instead here's the recap email from ride leader Wayne King:

Wow what a Ramble!!! 30 miles of some of the best in the High Country!! We took on Browns Chapel then up the parkway to Greenhill to The Green Park! In to Blowing Rock past the Bistro Roca to the Blowing Rock Stable Rd and then to the left to the Parkway.  UP and Down the Parkway to 321 Boone exit and zipped right down 321 to the Hospital turnoff to get on the Green Way Trail and back to 421 to Food Lion!!! Yes we got rained on but it was still a Fantastic ride with 7 of us laughing and encouraging one another all the way!! I really wish all of you would join us!!

When the rain hits, it pools up fast on what was already a rather greasy road surface, so it's touch and go when vision is limited and traction is reduced.  But we rode on nonetheless.  Last night was the hardest 27 miles I have ever earned and the reward of completing it sweetened the result.

This morning it was drizzle then more rain on my 90 minute trail run around campus. Stopped at the prayer tower and brought a few new individuals into my thoughts; there's always room for more when it comes to prayer, so I stood atop the platform in the rain and brought it before God.

Thought more about my post of being a 1000 level guy.  If that's the case I think there remains a gap to the full 1000, because I'm still growing in faith and training harder than I have in ten years.  I have come to believe that God allows things and events to come into and out of our lives.  He doesn't usually hand us gems without our effort, but He does allow us to work and strive for better results and a more joyous place on this earth.  I'll never claim to know why things unfold as they do, but I'm inherently wired to believe that God is behind the outcome.

So that's where I'm at today. Thankful, wet, and happy to be living the endurance sport life.

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