Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Run and stumble

Did my normal 90 minutes this morning.  Feel totally spent, out of it, ready to be bagged and recycled.  My 10 minute walk across campus seemed like a day hike.  Where did the energy go?

Was catching up on podcasts from Endurance Planet ( and heard some startling news.  The Philadelphia Triathlon had a tragedy - one swimmer didn't make it back to shore during Saturday's short course competition.  The athlete was a first time racer, father of two.  And to compound matters, they had not found his body by Sunday morning, when the pro long course race was scheduled.  Event promoters turned the  tri into a duathlon and ran run/bike legs.  Can't imagine a worse scenario on any occasion.

Endurance Planet also featured a piece from Joe Henderson, a noted runner and author.  Joe suggested one day off for every mile run in a race - even more for masters.  So after Rattlesnake I'm supposed to park it on the couch for 31+ days?  I gave it 48 hours and resumed training.

Maybe that's why I'm cooked today.  But if we rest, how are we achieve master competitor greatness?  It's for each individual to decide.  But I'm not good at down time, never have been.

Might try overnight primitive camping on Grandfather Mountain.  Stay tuned.

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