Monday, July 19, 2010

Purge the PR's?

Did my favorite 90 minute run this morning, through Boone and onto the lush trails off the greenway.  It's the great equalizer and puts some salve on the wound created from my miserable mountain bike performance yesterday.

Was listening to the latest "running with the pack" podcast.  The show co-host suggested that we should erase our PR's (personal records) every 5-10 years.  This was based on the theory that life and environment and our bodies change over time and we shouldn't have to compare against a high mark set many years ago.

Master competitor stands firm against this sort of nonsense.  My 10K PR of 37:02, set in 1985 (I think) is still meant to be bettered.  Hey, all I need to do is lose 20 pounds, live on green algae for a month, and have the Hand of God touch me...I'm sure if those three elements comes together, a sub-37 is still out there.

And what of my 8:53 50 mile PR from 2001 (once again it was somewhere around then)?  Give me the right course, on the right day, on a place in time when I'm not injured.  Of course there's something south of 9 hours that will give me a new record for the distance!

You might have noticed that much of being a master competitor is living as a legend in your own mind.  No one is going to tell me to erase my PR's because that's part of the complete experience.  From then until now, I train and race to better those efforts.  I may not succeed, but you'll have to pry my bony hands off my water bottles before I'll stop trying.

Don't erase...just build your base...and increase the pace!

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  1. I purge my PRs after every run. That way each day I'm the best I've ever been. :)