Saturday, July 24, 2010

Product updates

Have to admit I'm a sucker for marketing pitches and I got a bit hooked reading USA Weekend's story on Jillian Michaels, of "Biggest Loser" fame, talking about diet changes.  One we've heard before is don't suck down liquid calories and get off the sodas.  Her recommendation was the new Crystal Light Pure Fitness, made with the natural sweetener called Truvia.  I'm a Splenda man from way back, have tried Stevia (another natural sweetener) and found it to have an aftertaste.  But I did pop for a box of the grape Pure Fitness...I mix it in a large water bottle with ice and it's a tasty after-workout treat.

Just busted a new pair of Brooks Ravenna out of the box.  Here's a product description from the site:

Combining BioMoGo cushioning with a mild support post, the smart, adaptive Ravenna meets your changing needs. Some runs demand more support than others, so the Ravenna provides just the right amount, when and where you need it. Hardworking feet swell after a long flight or day at work. Extra adjustability in the Ravenna’s upper means more instep variability for a perfect fit, every day. Brilliant. Weight: 10.8 oz

I like the Ravenna's glove-like fit with ample cushioning.  It's a fairly light trainer, so my thrashed master competitor legs can turn a somewhat brisk footstrike.  I keep three pairs of shoes in rotation, so that I have an alternative model and impact point each day.  Right now I'm into the Brooks Ghost 3's, the Ravenna and a pair of Brooks Adrenaline ASR trail shoes.

Heard about the protein supplement scare? reported after extensive testing that products such as Muscle Milk and  15 other brands are producing protein products that contain harmful heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury.  I need to be more like my brother Richard and read the labels.  Monitor the fuel you're pouring in the engine.  It matters over the long haul.

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