Monday, July 26, 2010

Prayer tower

Sort of a vacuum in my life this morning.  Flipped on Versus out of habit as the coffee was brewing, hoping for some sort of Tour de France recap show.  Not to be, instead a couple of camo dudes were putting a bead on some live game in the woods.  Hunting is not my thing and I'd rather see the pelaton sorting itself out, but I had to face the fact that the tour is over for yet another year.  Word is that Lance is focused on triathlon (he initially started in that sport) and will come out at the 70.3 distance and possibly step up to Ironman after that.  Lance knows the sprint events will carry too much speed, but when endurance at greater distances takes over, he still has the stuff to perform.

Was out on my campus trail loop run this morning.  Explored a few legs I hadn't been on before, and came upon a platform about 20 feet high in the woods.  Must have been some sort of orienteering point in times past, but master competitor has christened it his prayer tower.

Now, on each run through that area, I'll take the detour.  Shut off the stopwatch and pause the Zune; let time stand still and allow the silence to permeate my mind.  In that space, for just a minute or two, I will pray for those I love and care about, in many cases asking my Lord to offer them the same great gifts he has dropped into my life.  I'll take that simple moment, look at the panoramic view of forest around me, and then power back on for the rest of the run.

I'm a creature of habit, so having the prayer tower in my day is just another stone in the walking path I am creating.  It's a fine thing to drink in the pleasures of life.

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  1. Nice post, Tom. A good encouragement for me to take time every day to put the mp3 player of life on pause, focus on the Lord, breathe in his blessings, and pray for others to experience his goodness too.