Thursday, July 22, 2010

Pictures in my mind

I'm teaching COM 1200 this summer - foundations of human communication. It incorporates some heavy lifting for the students, inclusive of work by Walter Lippman.  We're studying the formation of stereotypes and "pictures in your mind" so I thought I'd share a few from today's run:

1) I'm in a great place with my job.  I have the opportunity to invest in students as a university professor, while gaining respect from my peers.  It's in great contrast to other era of my career, when I was in sales (tons of rejection) and motorsports (where marketing reps are viewed as a necessary evil).  In addition I have flexibility and time off for travel and endurance sport.

2) I have decided to spend another season or two on my Felt F60.  It's now six years old but still getting the job done, so I'll have Magic Cycles here in Boone install a new chain tomorrow.  The founder of Felt bicycles was an old business associate, and Johnny O' was part of my scene when I first got in shape in 1984.  Check out the following from,135.html

At the heart of Felt is a genuine love of speed. The man behind the name, Jim Felt, made a name for himself in motocross as one of the ace mechanics for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha. It was in supporting one of the stars of motocross, Johnny O'Mara (the "O-Show") that Felt built his first frame, a time trial/triathlon frame for O'Mara. Felt's first successes in cycling came before he had a name for his company. O'Mara was racing in triathlons to stay fit for motocross. Today the training makes great sense, but back in 1989 the idea seemed crazy. That year Felt built a frame for O'Mara who, in 1990, won the California State Championship in the time trial. Felt was a pretty decent age grouper and finished third at the Budlight Triathlon in Barstow.

When I climb onto my Felt, there's a bit of history that rides along with me.

3) I'm getting stronger.  The daily 90 minute runs and cycling group rides are getting me "on the razor."  What I've come to accept is that based on terrain, everything here is hard.  Mountain trails and big ascents, it's all a grind that makes even a 30 mile bike ride a big effort.  That's all good I am adapting and becoming a mountain man.

There's my pictures for you today.  Run well and prosper.

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