Friday, July 23, 2010

More stuff from the snake...

My ultra friend Susan Donnelly forwarded some shots from the Rattlesnake Trail 50K. Top shot is old master competitor and my ultra buddy for the past 20+ years, Rob Apple...Rob gets 'er done almost every weekend and is approaching the 600 mark for ultras completed.

The other shot depicts my mood at the first check on the course.  Think I was already into Sarah Silverman's shtick on bed wetting so I was pre-occupied.

Was thinking on my run today how wonderful it is to have free weekends. Over the next two days, I have options for a laid back ride with the Watagua Leisure Cycling crew, a pick up ride in Valle Crucis with some hammerheads searching for climbs, a quiet hike at Linville Falls off the Blue Ridge Parkway, or mountain biking at Kerr Scott Dam.  In my former life as a marketer in sports and entertainment, many weekends were committed to being at motorsport events.  As the decades ticked by, standing around race cars didn't hold the attraction, versus bicycling on cool mountain roads or running wooded mountain paths.

I'm at a place where I possess so little, but I have so much.  It's a great season of life.

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