Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm not an Indycar, I'm a SUV...

One of my favorite listening experiences while running are the days I get to listen to sermons by Rich Nathan from the Vineyard Church in Columbus, Ohio, and Joel Osteen, the mega-pastor who preaches out of a sports stadium in Houston, Texas.

I call these sermons "bookends" because Nathan takes a scholarly, academic approach to theology, while Osteen is a good-old-boy storyteller with a "glass is more than half full" mentality.  I enjoy both and feel rejuvenated by their messages.

You can grab their podcasts at http://vineyardcolumbus.org/watch-and-listen/ and http://www.joelosteen.com/Broadcast/Podcast/Pages/Podcast.aspx.

Today, Osteen spoke on being OK with who we are, the level God sets us at.  He demonstrated by talking about the attributes of a Indy racing car versus a Suburban sport utility vehicle.  His point was that both vehicles are designed for specific purposes.  If you drive an SUV, don't expect to compete in an Indycar race; if you race a car in the Indianapolis 500, don't expect to use that vehicle to take your friends camping or make a run to the grocery store.

Those words sunk into my mind this morning.  I have never been one to accept the average or the easy path.  I push and force my way to all I can be.  Along the way there have been a few successes, but numerous failures.  Joel said if you're a 1000 level person, aspire and be satisfied to live at a full 1000, not 995.  But if you're designed to live at the 1000 level, don't attempt to be a 10,000 magnitude person.

So maybe that's me, a 1000-level guy running on the razor, some days even pushing for 1010, but nowhere close to 2000 or beyond.  I am becoming more and more grateful for opportunity God has given me to live at 1000.  For this in itself is a blessing.

For master competitors, let's run and ride and swim and pursue excellence, but also rest in the shell we have been given.  On any given day, we have to be able to realize that's good enough.

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