Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Friends and adventures

Finally got my paws on some of our "wrecking crew" photos from the bike adventure across Wisconsin. From left to right is master competitor, my brother Rich, old high school buddy Jeff and his main man Allan.

Seeing these pics (thanks Allan) made our journey seem almost surreal. Only weeks before, yet seeming like a long time ago. Riding almost 500 miles across the state had many more highs than lows. We had a great time spinning the crank and solving the world's problems.

Here's the point on the day: Make time for your friends and find events where you can share and enjoy endurance sport experiences. Life is rather short and our timelines are decreasing. It's many times easier to say "no" to these sort getaways but on occasion say "yes" and jump in with both cleats. The opportunity to share and grow together will present itself.

I learned that over the years, we travel divergent paths, but friendships act like glue. Make a plan to contact your wrecking crew and "stick together" through sport.

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