Friday, July 30, 2010

Barefoot runner on the loose!

Had a wild experience today.  Was in our church's stretch van with a gaggle of senior citizens, headed for an outing in Little Switzerland, North Carolina.  We opted to take the Blue Ridge Parkway most of the way.  We rounded a turn and saw a barefoot man running, wearing a reflective vest, pushing a jogging stroller.

Some of the folks in the van commented it must be a homeless person, while others wondered why he was pushing a stroller with no baby in it.

We were down the road quite a few miles before I realized we had spotted a local celebrity.

Right after my diatribe on barefoot running...please meet Matt Jenkins.  Matt is running 760 miles across North Carolina to raise funds for the Western Youth Network, an organization that serves youth and family issues in Watagua, Avery and Ashe counties.

You can check out a story on Matt's run at

I'd still much rather have a high tech Brooks shoe wrapped around my feet, but to each his own. Run well and prosper, Matt.

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  1. Thanks Tom. Honestly, I remember you guys. A church van on the parkway stands out, and I was thinking it was nice to see something other than an SUV, motorcycle, or a caddy. Thanks for the kind words.