Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tom and the bear

Spotted this new version of Smoky Bear in Alaska. Thought it appropriate to position a slightly pudgy master competitor next to an abominably-ripped Mr. Bear. Guess if he could talk, I'd ask a bit more about his core workout.

Made me chuckle a bit. Thought of the old saying "either you eat the bear, or the bear eats you."

Maybe I'm eating like a bear. Sure have been pushing the junk into the old pie-hole. I train and I eat. I should train more and eat less. To that end, I am working on a plan.

I've been charging into some literature and trying to formulate a new paradigm on food consumption. But formulate is the operative word as it's not yet coming together. I start each day all piss-and-vinegar but somewhere around the third ice cream hunt, I throw in the towel and regroup for the next session.

When ever I get back to my roots in Wisconsin, it's time for deep thinking. What has been and what will come. I think we all periodically reassess and this is one of those seasons for me.

Stay tuned for more to come. Just as a teaser, you can expect a posting that includes an image of a cousin to Smoky Bear - Mr. Brown Bear, the campground visitor I mentioned a few days ago. Run for a tree!


  1. Ha! That's a fit Mr. Bear. :)

  2. Check out for some primal advice on nutrition. It's ripe for master competitor.