Friday, June 04, 2010

Power up and go

Here's another shot of master competitor sucking wind and attempting to draft off his ultra compatriots at the Anchorage half marathon. The strongest part of my body seems to be my jaw, because that's were all the BS comes from.

We're about ready to pack out of Alaska. Last night was a remote overnight camping experience in a Yurt. We had to hike in about 2 miles and had to share space on a bridge across a marsh with a huge brown bear. You can give me hours of prep talk about how to handle a bear encounter and I'm still not comfortable with it. Seems like sending an untrained individual into a burning house and asking them to put out the fire. Just not trained for the situation.

So we're regrouping and packing for tomorrow's flight outta here. Life is good and I have a head full of the 49th state. More to come as photos are downloaded and filed.

The journey may slow, but it does continue.

Time to pick back up on the running miles and prep for bike tour across Wisconsin in just a couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

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