Saturday, June 26, 2010

Final stint

Wrapped up our tour across wisconsin with a 59 mile segment to praire du chien. conditions were windy with rolling hills; a hard pull that i rode solo at around 15 mph average.

made a great stop in the city of muscoda, at john the baptist church. a huge feed was waiting and when i asked where i could pay, i was told a donation jar was near the door.

these fine people were raising funds for riverway communities of hope, which helps area youth with counseling and life skills training. it struck me as noble, as if to say "we're giving you our best, please let us know how much it's worth."

the rhubarb and coconut pie was excellent (i had a piece of each) and i made my contribution to the fund. it was at that moment i realized this was the heart of the tour and the essence of wisconsin. it's small towns with good folks, those who don't claim the media spotlight but do what's right nonetheless.

master competitor wrapped the tour and as usual, thanked the lord for the lungs and legs to make the ride - almost 500 miles from the northeast to southwest corner of the state. this is s good season of life and i want to remain acutely aware of fine times when i have them.

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