Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dork running

Was out in Wausau this morning shuffling along on my 90 minute loop. The sun was hitting me from the east, throwing a fine shadow on the gravel road I was traversing.

It wasn't pretty.

Check out master competitor in the photo above, from the start of the Anchorage 1/2 marathon. I'm the character in black, look of terror etched on my face, terrible stance with upper body jacked forward...just what is the problem here?

I have advocated the use of chi stance on many occasions. But with a tender back and aging frame, this is what running is sometimes reduced to. Or, can I really call that running? Maybe someone should have shot me with a tranq dart and put me out of my misery.

Please refer to the previous post: I'm not going to let the bear eat me. So I'll pick up the pieces and try to regain whatever form still exists within this battered old body.

On another note, I'll be participating in the bike tour across Wisconsin with my brother Richard next week. I was prepping my Felt F60 today and started to get amped...good times to come! I'm trying to figure out how to make blog posts from my phone. Hope to get some cryptic messages out en route.

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