Thursday, June 24, 2010


Made our day 5 journey to baraboo this morning...about 55 miles after two wrong turns. the fun part was that my brother richard challenged me to leave early, so we rolled at 6:20 am and "won" the stage...were top 5 into the finish at the baraboo community college at 10 am. the benefits of that performance are:

1) first arrival for bathroom event - clean surfaces everywhere

2) first into shower...i was #1 to hit the locker room and experienced dry shower floors...a sure sign of a master competitor-worthy effort

3) first into school cafeteria. no lines and ample time to inhale two servings of soft serve ice cream (only $1 each!) before bags were off transport truck

4) #3 into gym. claimed priority floor space between to emergency doors with power outlet over my head

5) best pick of area to hang shower towel and shower washed riding clothes..went to the goal tender's net on the soccer field

life is good, i'm on the mat blogging while eating string cheese and animal crackers.

makes you jealous, doesn't it?

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