Saturday, May 15, 2010

Tour de Lion

No, these tours aren't getting faster. I'm getting slower. Hundreds of riders shuffling for position and what for? There's no finish line it's just a big loop back to the high school. I want to get rid of this triple chain ring bike. The Felt has been a good ride but I want a compact crank. Have to remember what my small chain ring front/big gear in back gives me. Will want to make sure a gear cluster on a new bike gives me that low gear. It's hot. 90 degrees and I'm not yet into it. All this sunscreen is good for me but it's a greasy mess that catches bugs. Well, I'm past the 40/75 mile split and took the 75. The rest of the pack seems to be headed for the 40 there's not many of us on the long loop. But here we go, it's OK, I'm riding alone once again. This is a different sort of pain. Rolling hills again and again, up one and down the other. The time is ticking by I'm watching the tenths of each mile on the odometer. I need this today. I need 75 miles in heat. I need to know I'm OK for the across Wisconsin tour end of June. I probably won't ride again until then, but if I can put one in the bank it'll get into my head and then I'm good. So it's over and I made it in 4:35 riding time, 16.3 mph average. The parking lot is almost empty and the food is picked over. I'm pulling up the rear but I'm 53 and I can still grind 75 in heat. It could always be a little better or a little more but it's who I am and that has to be enough.

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