Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rock hard and racing

Another of my favorite podcasts is Competitor Radio...all things new and exciting in the world of endurance sport.

Check out this recent posting, a great update on the dopes who are doping:

This report alerted me to the fact that "male enhancement" drugs have not been banned in competition, and many athletes are claiming they have personal issues and are propping up their members. Men in their early 20's needing to put a stent in their stick? Seems to be unrealistic...until one considers that these same substances increase blood flow, which potentially increase performance.

That's one good thing about being a solid mid-pack performer; no need to prop anything up, instead let it hang low and loose and stumble forward to the finish line. Why not join me in having a really great time, free from the entrapment of needing to go further or faster. The sooner we get drugs out of endurance sport, the better.

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