Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Becca says HPL is #1

Received a response from "Running Becca" in Charlottesville, Virginia...she states "I love my Nathan HPL backpack!"

Thanks, Becca, for the comment.

You can check out Becca's blog at

The Nathan HPL (Human Propulsion Laboratories) pak (sic, as Nathan designates it) is just right for some runners. I have included an image of the women's version. I own a 2-liter HPL and do believe the Nathan packs ride well on the shoulders and upper torso. But in hot weather I become stifled; it feels as if my back cannot breath and sweat.

In situations where you need big water for long sections, this is the way to tote it.

I'd like to do a blog post on hand held water bottles...any opinions out there on brand or function?

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