Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Icy 8-hour gets hot

Master competitor had a solid weekend at the Icy 8-hour...which became the furnace 8-hour. The event was a make up date for two February snow-outs.

The 5-mile course at a new location had approximately one mile of gravel road, one mile of pavement, then 3 miles of somewhat technical trail.

I has last man into the woods, but since temps were climbing and eventually reached 94 degrees, I wanted to make a pace I could sustain. My first lap was 1:08, and I was pretty much on tempo the remaining laps...even ran some negative splits on laps 6 and 7.

Took a couple of bad falls, catching my toes on little sapling stumps that littered sections of trail. Blood and guts aren't desired but I dusted myself off and proceeded.

Master competitor became Pac Man as the day unfolded. I was picking off runners in a methodical fashion. The clock said 6:45 when I completed lap 6 and race organizers let me go out for one more loop. With minutes to spare, I came in for 35 miles - 11th out of 31 finishers.

I was cooked at the completion of the event. Took a while to get my head back on straight. Despite draining two bottles of Gatorade a lap, I was in fluid deficit.

A good event on a hot day. More reports to come. To all you "older" runners out there, don't EVER let anyone tell you that the game is only for the young. We are all entitled to race and be part of the action.

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