Friday, May 07, 2010

Icy 8 revisited

I couldn't put the Icy 8 to rest without including this great post-race shot. It's event promoter Alex Papadopoulos, his wonderful daughter Katie and master competitor.

It should be noted this photo was taken after I could stand, knew my name, and remembered what state I was in.

The Icy 8 had its ups and downs, but I really came to enjoy the day. It's one of those races where the afterglow starts to grow on you after time passes. Some of the ultra world is about crowded fields and high profile athletes. But there's an alternative side to the sport, and I want to thank Alex and his company, Athletic Equation, Inc., for making such a big effort to host this event. After two snow outs in February, it would have been easy to pull the pin, but Alex and his crew determined they would get the event to happen - and they did, with exceptional effort.

As always, I walked away from this event thanking the Lord for letting me put yet another ultra finish under my belt. I never take it for granted, it's all a gift in this great life I enjoy.

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