Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Green peace

The Rock Creek trail isn't as I left it. Rather barren and snow covered the last time I was here. Spring thaw brought out a mucky mess. Now it's a tunnel of green, foliage hangs across the path and I'm ducking through the low spots. The wet grass soaks my feet and the itch starts from brushing my legs against the who-knows-what. It's easier to spot the trail entrances as they're now brown fingers cut into the swath of green. I run a short out and back leg and today I shared that section with three does. They stopped, I stopped, and we sniffed each other out. Maybe 20 feet apart. Will deer spook and attack a runner? I wasn't sure but have never been this close. Maybe we all wondered what our reasons for being really were. I'm in a strange place near DC and these creatures are probably way too far into an urban setting. We finally said our goodbyes and went our own ways, me back to civilization and the deer back deeper into what ever forest they can find. Our lives are impacted by urban sprawl and in turn we influence the balance of nature. I want my running path and the deer want a place to graze. I don't have any extra rights it's their playground.

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