Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ghost running

One of the benefits of being a Brooks Bluestreak member is product testing. It's pleasurable to test prototype products and add input that is integrated into future product designs.

Pictured is the Brooks Ghost 2 - this image was featured in Men's Journal as part of a product review. The light, flexible trainer and racer is big on forefoot cushioning and is a "neutral" shoe, i.e. not designed for any specific running inefficiencies.

I'm hitting the roads and trails with the new Ghost 3, soon to be in a store near you. They're light, fast, and offer a porous upper fabric that is good for the hot weather soon to come upon us. I like the feel of fresh shoes with the added impact deferment. I'm big for a runner and even when attempting a light foot strike, I land fairly hard. This new shoe feels good and a fresh shoe always delivers a burst of motivation.

There continues to be numerous news reports and also "jump on the bandwagon" individuals and companies regarding the barefoot running trend. Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater when it comes to well-designed running shoes. I've been knocking out the miles for 27 years and my two cents worth says stay in shoes and protect the feet. Companies like Brooks bring forward the best products on the market and I'm proud to be affiliated with a company that invests in products that benefit the sport.

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  1. I have only run in Brooks Beast, mostly for the support of a heavy runner and the fact they have been great shoes mile after mile. However, these new Ghosts are beautiful. I've never been one to buy a shoe based on appearance, but this may be my first pair. I am a neutral strike and have good strong arches. Who is this shoe intended for? If me, then I'm on my way to find a pair.