Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Aussie awesome

Been a bit behind in personal reading, finally was able to open my April issue of Ultrarunning. I was greeted by a quote inside the front cover by my Aussie buddy Wayne Gregory:

"Ultrarunning doesn't come with sports star fame or big dollar fortune, but, oh baby, it's by far the coolest thing in town."

Well said old friend.

Wayne and his ultra crew pretty much adopted me when I was in Sydney for the month of May in 2007. It was through Wayne I was able to make a long pull on The Great North Road and also run on Six Foot Track.

Wayne is featured in Ultrarunning as the author of the race report for - and winner of - the Great Ocean Walk. One great portion of the tale talks of incessant vomiting and total meltdown, which Wayne calls "being in the bad room."

Once again, well said. Thirty one hours after the starting gun fired, he was at the finish and tops in an epic 100 mile adventure.

The story and report made me a bit melancholy. Three years ago this month, living the life in the Aussie outback, running loops in Sydney, drinking pints after the Sydney half marathon...good times in master competitor's past.

Here's a link for the Victoria, Australia region where Wayne did his business:

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