Monday, May 31, 2010

Anchorage and the ultra crew

Finally made it to Anchorage. There's tons to do here...if you embrace the outdoors. The first stop after arriving was to catch the Anchorage Running Club's half marathon, on the Tony Knowles coastal trail.

I wasn't a mile into the race when I heard trail chatter from the cluster of runners ahead. It was talk of the second half of the American River 50 mile in northern California. I had done the race about a decade ago, so it was fun to fall in behind and recall the final climb to the finish.

As the miles ticked by, I learned about the running lives of (left to right) David, master competitor, Joe and Renee (I think this is right the old brain is foggy). We ran as a group throughout the race, until David and Renee broke free to surge into the finish shoot. I was about 100 yards back, happy to be running and being part of the running scene in Alaska.

Mountains surround you on every side. The clouds seem to have different formations. The culture may be a bit skewed from what we know as "normal." But in the end, one thing that never changes is the composition of runners. They spew BS, stumble along, talk about pace, and eventually agree that the endurance life is a better place than whatever came before. So as part of yesterday, to my new ultra crew, I say thank you. For being part of the scene, for letting me into your world and for sharing your adventures and aspirations for the coming racing season.

Oh by the way, I ran a 2:05. That sorta stinks and it can't hold a candle to the 1:37 I ran in Sydney in May 2007, but that was another time and place. I'm glad to be putting one foot in front of the other and that's all I have for you today.

More to come on the Alaska adventure ASAP.

Over and out.

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