Saturday, April 17, 2010

You eat it, or it eats you

Been thinking quite a bit about endurance sport, living in Boone, and life.

Regarding Boone, either it's going to eat me or I'll eat it.

Coming here was a massive shift in reality. I thought I was fit while living and training in Florida. Despite the ability to manage heat and humidity, the flat terrain leaves one woefully out of the groove. Boone is up and down all the time and that's a different tune.

I have resolved to take a slow and methodical approach to a comeback. It's hard, it's tedious, and the hills never end. Now that I'm living on campus, I run from my apartment to wooded areas near the windmill. This is it; either I learn to become one with the trails near what is now home, or I go home, literally, to my apartment and stay there. I want to enjoy what I have. It's the endurance sport mecca of the Blue Ridge.

My other observation is that endurance sport is good when life is bad.

Here's my read on it: When life is not going well, running and ultra finishes become one's sole point of validation. You take the finishes at any cost and completely appreciate the reward. But when other elements of one's existence - personal relationships, career and one's place with God - are strong and in place, the endurance sport outcome dims in contrast.

Others may find alternative results. But for master competitor, there is a negative relationship between endurance sport and the other aspects in life. When one increases, the other decreases.

Well that how it goes on this fine Saturday. I may load up the Gary Fisher 29er after church tomorrow and go for a ride at Kerr Scott Dam.

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