Monday, April 12, 2010

Flyin' high

I'm sure some master competitor readers might push back a bit on a post that is topically non-endurance sport related. But it's my blog and I want to go to another place so either read on or drop the link. Of course, I'll try to close with some sort of ultra inspiration, so maybe you better hang in there.

The photo above means a lot to me. It's Sean Bailey, David's son, putting on a roost and air fest during a recent California riding session. Sean is riding a RC500 works replica, one of the few bikes David managed to retain from his illustrious riding career.

If you go far enough back to remember how the big two-strokes snorted, it was something to behold. Bailey was the master, with a hair-trigger response to that sensitive throttle. After his career-ending accident in 1987, life went down another path. But Sean was born that same year and the Bailey legacy continued.

David told me that it was quite a day when they decided to gas up the RC (with mix not straight fuel!) and take it to the desert. The sound remains unique and in my mind will always be sweeter than the new four-stroke output.

I could say "that was then and this is now," but on this special day, the #6 factory Honda flew high once again.

Here's my Tom Terrific question of the day: Should I purchase new race apparel and equipment to motivate me to train? Or, should I "earn" new apparel and equipment and purchase it after I have improved my effort?


  1. I've never known you to do anything but earn it. So, in keeping with Tom Terrific attitude...Earn it. It always feels better.

  2. Anonymous5:15 AM

    Well, just to offer another opinion,,,,anything that helps keep you going is money well spent....
    I can't imagine the emotions that swept thru David Bailey watching his son ride..
    Long live the two stroke....but I like the four stroke also..