Sunday, April 18, 2010

29er please don't go...

I got in a weird mood a few days ago. Thought my mountain bike days were over due to lack of gonads, so I put my Gary Fisher Cobia 29er on Craig's list.

Had a couple of tire kickers look at the bike. One individual was interested enough to research my price. I was asking $500; my buyer suggested the bike sells new for $1100 and that used ones like mine sell for $990. He then informed me he didn't want to pay asking price.

So with that info in mind, I opted to try my trusty steed yet one more time. Took a drive to Kerr Scott Dam after church today, and did a 6 mile loop on easy terrain.

Some riders blasted by like I was tied to a stump, while others were riding as family units, more on my pace.

The bottom line is that master competitor will never be an exceptional off road cyclist. I have inhibitions deep inside that keep me from taking risks. I don't want to fall and think about more about staying on two wheels than riding well. This mental barrier trails all the way back to my motocross days as a teenager. I made best effort and went slow for decades.

All that said, I had a pleasant day in the woods - at my pace on my schedule. I doubt I'll be riding with other mountain bikers from here going forward. It's too frustrating being off pace and terrified trying to keep up. So now it's me, my 29er and being OK with being a slow poke.

It's a big piece to be comfortable in your own skin. And it's harder to become comfortable in old(er) skin.

Spin easy and love the ride.

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