Monday, March 29, 2010

Umstead update

The Umstead web site posted great photos from the event, so thought I'd include this one of Master Competitor chugging along before the lights went out.

This shot was taken on the "airport spur" which was a 3/4 mile out and back right after the start/finish area.

Congrats to 2010 Umstead winner Zack Gingerich, who blistered the course in an amazing 13 hours, 23 minutes. I get to 50 in 11:55, this machine goes 100 in 13:23.

So I'll tip my running cap and salute the new generation of very fast racers who embrace the sport of ultrarunning. I'm the guy buried somewhere in the middle of the pack, but it's a blessing to still be part of the ultra community.

I'm already thinking about the next time, how I can manage my efforts for a better result. What a great sport and I'm glad it found me over 22 years ago.

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  1. Tom,

    You are a machine. I can't even dream of 50 without wanting to puke! Keep on chugging; you are an inspiration.