Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Lightning wear

I survived another snow event yesterday. The weather started getting sketchy while I was teaching in Hickory, so we canceled class and I started my 75 minute commute back up the mountain to Boone.

Well, it would have been 75 minutes if that semi hadn't jack-knifed on the twisties just south of Blowing Rock. That caused a dead stop for 2 1/2 hours. While in the past I might have blown my stack, this event held light effect. I pulled out a book entitled Republic 2.0 and perused that for awhile.

So it was a downer day, with well managed expectations. Tom Terrific tried to stop for a haircut but the shop had closed. I slid my little Honda up the hill to my apartment, and waiting there was my trusty UPS driver with a delivery.

My day shifted from dismal to dynamic when I got inside and opened the package. My 2010 Brooks official team racing outfit had arrived.

After 25 years in endurance sport, it takes quite a bit to get me jacked up. This apparel did it. Day glow and a bit gaudy, what a combo. Time to add those extra stomach crunches before I slip into the semi-naked shorts and body fitting singlet...and oh, those arm warmers. Very sexy and a bit risque for a man my age!

I really do love Brooks and my long term association with the company. I never take my team affiliation for granted and always attempt to inspire others, in the sport I love so much. It may be snowing and blowing outside, but inside my mind I'm fast and floating and en route to a major event finish in my stunning running outfit.

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