Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kill the pain

I'm a big boy with a big appetite. And when times are stressful and I have a lot on my plate (literally) I'll dig in deep and hard with some comfort food.

Check out this monstrosity to the left; that's my "kill the pain" banana nut pancake option for breakfast this morning. It was served with a smile at the Mountain House, Boone's version of a Cracker Barrel. Slop on the syrup and have at it. This isn't redemption but I did leave about 25% of it on the plate. Should have taken a photo of the leftovers to prove it to you.

I've had some problems with my current apartment and will be moving onto campus this Saturday. Packing and relocating and uprooting my nest isn't a comfortable thing; at 53, I feel unsettled but am making positive transitions that are best.

I'll barely have my things unpacked and it will be time to pack again - for the Umstead 100 mile the following weekend. No way I'm prepared. I start each year with best intentions but then life gets in the way. Travel and teaching and research and "stuff" that just seems right to do but takes time. If I didn't have those two spring 50K's under my belt, I'd really have no business at the start line. This year, Umstead is about going slow and having fun and taking each 12.5 mile loop one at a time.

And if things weren't busy enough, I have a colonoscopy scheduled for one week from today. Stay tuned for descriptive details.

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