Thursday, February 04, 2010

Leaves not seeds

Just wrapped Michael Pollan's "manifesto" on food, entitled In Defense of Food.

I listened to it on audiobook while running. It was a good combo, doing the exercise piece while trying once again to get my arms around an optimum diet. This time, I'm committed to making long term food intake decisions that benefits and enhances my health.

In Defense of Food delivers a ton of reviewed research and can sometimes become tedious. But other gems are delivered, such as:

1) Eat leaves, not seeds. When our country moved to higher production with longer storage opportunities, we moved to diets high in corn and soybeans, and derivatives of the same. Leafy vegetables have been minimized. I'm trying to push a head of lettuce through my system every couple of days, so should you.

2) Science and technology has become adept at isolating various nutrients from food products, then marketing and selling the value of those nutrients. But what food scientists have also learned is that nutrients extracted from foods do not product the same benefits as nutrients working in concert within the foods. Bottom line for you and me is cut back on the supplements and eat live and fresh fruits and vegetables.

3) Have a relationship with your food. Mix it in various combinations, be experimental with what is available, and think about how it is a necessity for your body. Think of your food as something that builds and sustains life.

4) Shop the outside aisles at the grocery store. Eat natural, unprocessed foods.

There's much more to discuss and I'd suggest this book as one of the best on the essence of food. Give it a read or listen sometime.

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