Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Tasty and trim

Want to trim up and maintain taste in your diet? This option is worth having in your weight loss arsenal. It adds a unique taste without calories.

Stop at the grocery store and buy a bottle of Morton Nature's Seasons. I don't want to call it salt, because the good folks at Morton came up with a product that is much more (I managed a NASCAR race team marketing effort for Morton in the early 90's, it's a great company with great people).

Here's a retail definition:

Morton®Nature's Seasons
Nature’s Seasons®Seasoning Blend This perfect blend of onion, garlic, salt, pepper and other natural spices brings out the flavor of fresher, lighter foods without overpowering them. Use it on chicken, fish, vegetables, pasta and even salads. Try it in dips and salsa and as a topping on freshly baked bread and rolls. MSG-free.

I have found that instead of calorie-laden salad dressings, a splash of olive oil and Nature's Seasons is great. I also pour it in soups, on vegetables, and it's #1 for baked potatoes.

This may seem like a small incidental, but to me the components of weight loss are building blocks that work together and deliver success.

Sprinkle and enjoy.

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