Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Not much to see here, folks.

This is a sample of the fresh, raw poundage I'm pushing into my pie hole around noon each day.

Life has become about substitutions. Instead of what I want, I eat what's good for me.

Let's not lie to each other: This salad, ingested with olive oil and season salt, is not a great eating experience. I'd much rather have the whopper PB&J with thick cut homemade whole grain bread that I usually have. But the belly is pushing against waistline on my tight fit boot cut jeans and it's time for a switch.

The closer we eat to "alive" the stronger we become. This salad is made with fresh veggies I get every few days from the grocer. It's like putting gunpowder in Tom Terrific's canon and kaboom! I'll be shooting out of the starting block at the Icy 8-Hour February 6.

I'm also attempting to break my peanut addiction and have opted off the goobers for healthy cereals. Right now I'm into a flax/Omega 3 product that goes down like sandpaper.

Who said being master competitor is fun. It's just good for you.

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