Monday, January 04, 2010

Steamy story

No, I don't have some hot romantic interlude to report; rather I want to intersperse a few blogs on how a fatty fat fat master competitor is forging a path back to fitness...and one large asset in my fat busting arsenal is my Sunbeam two-stage steamer.

If you want to dump weight, go non-processed food. I'm not one to call on 100 different recipes as part of a poundage purge. I eat clean and graze often. When it comes to meals, hit the steamer for a great and simple preparation tool.

A good staple food is brown rice and plenty of it. Place a dish of one cup rice mixed with one cup water in the bottom section of the steamer. Set on 30 minutes. When that bell goes off, dump a ton of veggies into the top hopper. Set for another 20 minutes. When that bell goes off, load your plate and dig in.

Hey, put that fork down! Before slathering a bunch of goop on your food, consider cinnamon and Splenda on the rice, and a good dose of Morton seasoned salt on the veggies...more on that soon.

I want to blog more about "Born to Run" but wanted your belly full of good food before I dug in on that.

Eat up and be happy.

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