Friday, January 29, 2010

Live and love

We're looking at 10 to 15 inches of snow in the North Carolina mountains this weekend. I'm in for the night, after stopping by the grocery store. The local citizens were making a run on food, but I got most all I wanted with the exception of bananas. Don't know how life can be lived without daily doses of banana, but we will see.

There' s a pair of snowshoes in the garage; they followed me all the way from Ohio through Florida to here. I got rid of most everything else, but those snowshoes are in a box. So tomorrow I may lash them on and venture through the woods down to the green way.

This has become another of those "stay in the moment" episodes in my new life in Boone. It's non-productive to make comparisons to Gainesville. This is my life and I am embracing it.

A new publication is on the market. It's from the Road Runners Club of America and is entitled Club Running. "Running Unplugged" by John T. Cacioppo, PhD, talks about the need to connect to others, in this case through running groups. An interesting quote was incorporated. It was from rock music icon Janis Joplin, made only weeks before her death. "I just made love to 25,000 people, but I'm going home alone."

Maybe that's the point of what we do and where we live and how we run. Being out in the open and forging a path through the woods is never about being alone. It's like having the love of your life right there with you, God's nature in and around us.

So to club runners and the spirit of Janis Joplin, I'd say let's live and love and make the best of where we're planted.

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