Saturday, January 30, 2010

A-hole factor

The North Carolina mountains are blanketed in a fresh snow. More is coming down...we're looking at 10 to 12 inches by later today.

I layered up in winter running gear, laced on a pair of Brooks Beast and went out the door. Cursory efforts have been made at plowing and shoveling, so I made my way down the edge of roads that had been cleared.

Some of you may know I'm a social scientist, so I think in terms of research. My 90 minute run today generated the following hypothesis:

H1: Motorists who are early adapters to major snow events have a positive relationship between time on the road and their grand mean on the A-hole scale.

H2: There is a relationship between a high grand mean on the A-hole scale and ownership of large, four-wheel drive trucks.

I don't want to generalize and make assumptions, but I believe my hypotheses will prove to be statistically significant. Most the the truck-wielding operators took me within inches of my life, while other motorists in vehicles like the Subaru Outback and Toyota Prius, offered a wide berth and a thumbs up.

That said, who cares. No one ever stated that running was a sedentary, non-conflicted sport. Let's claim our sliver of road and maintain the momentum. I had the tunes going and slogged along the roadway. Love the life we're given, it's the only one we have to live.

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