Monday, January 11, 2010

Frosty fun

I completed yet another 50K this past Saturday at the Frosty Fifty, held at Salem Lake in Winston-Salem, NC.

Check out the finisher's award at right. Classy. Machined metal with laser cut engraving. The event also provided purple tie-dyed long sleeve t-shirts; I opted for a medium and look like Ben Stiller in Zoolander. Think I'll keep that one behind closed doors.

We didn't run like snowmen for long; the day started chilly but within an hour the sun was up and temps were in the high 20's.

The Frosty Fifty was a double out and back, which provided four (4) segments of equal length to pace against. I ran the first segment in 1:13 which put me on 5-hour pace. The second segment (back to the start) was about 5 minutes slower, as was the third segment. Then I somehow got a burr up my butt and ran a negative split the final segment to post a 5:11 finishing time.

I had a companion the first four hours of the race. Gene Simmons of KISS self-narrated his autobiographical book and waxed on about women and money. And then more women and more money. More on that in another post.

A woman passed me late in the race. The back of her shirt said "See ya!" I wouldn't suggest this for master competitors. Why goad your opponents? Can't remember if she finished ahead of me or not.

After finishing I drove out of the parking lot, rolled my window down and shook the promoter's hand, thanking him and the running club for an excellent event. But, there was a more important thank you I had yet to utter. Endurance athletes hold a divergent view of spirituality. In my life, my faith in God is tested, then confirmed through ultrarunning. I believe life simply can't be this good by random, or by my own efforts. Grinding out a five eleven 50K at age 53 is so special I had thank the Lord for giving me yet another wonderful race.

2010 marks my 27th year in endurance sport and 22nd year in ultrarunning. It could end but it hasn't yet. My blessings are seen in the people around me and my experience on the trails.


  1. Anonymous5:50 AM

    Great job! I didn't know that Gene Simmons was a runner. Kiss still pops up on my Ipod for workouts. I'm sure that was very interesting running with him.

  2. Nice job in icky conditions with questionable listening material :)